Clinical Studies Package


Publish a paper about a breakthrough technology in stress ECG tests based on results from your lab!

Use your existing database of stress ECG tests, or create a new one, and you are on your way to publish the results of your clinical study about the emerging high frequency QRS technology. There’s no need to buy new equipment or pay any licensing fees.

BSP’s HyperQ™ technology is an extraordinary platform for conducting clinical studies on some of the world’s most common cardiac diseases. Based on the widespread ECG technology, significant results can be obtained quickly and with a relatively low budget. Since both CAD and ACS are prevalent all over the world, recruiting eligible patients is less of a challenge.

BSP supports several medical and academic centers as well as independent researchers that are interested in conducting clinical studies in this field. We always welcome additional studies – both general ones, e.g. patients referred to an exercise treadmill tests, or a more focused research for specific sub-populations, combinations with other diagnostic devices and more. The HyperQ platform can also be used in studies related to monitoring ischemia, with or without treatment, or during some clinical procedures. BSP’s team of experienced professionals would be happy to cooperate on various types of studies, large and small, short or long term, prospective or retrospective.

What we offer: an easy to use tool that will allow you to publish a nice clinical study in an emerging segment of stress ECG tests.

What you need: a database of stress ECG tests (either pre-existing or new) with high frequency ECG data files and validated results (SPECT, CT angiography, angiography, etc.)

Please contact us for more details or to discuss specific opportunities.