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Publications Background

Background Studies on High-Frequency ECG:

Changes in high-frequency QRS components are more sensitive than ST-segment deviation for detecting acute coronary artery occlusion.  
Pettersson J, Pahlm O, Carro E, Edenbrandt L, Ringborn M, Sörnmo L, Warren SG, Wagner GS.
Journal of the American College of Cardiology 36:1827-34, 2000  
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*  *  *
Spectral Analysis of High Resolution QRS Complex During Exercise Induce Ischemia. 
Beker A, Pinchas A, Erel J, Abboud S.
Annals of Noninvasive Electrocardiology, 1(4): 386-392, 1996

*  *  *
Analysis of High Frequency QRS Potential During Exercise Testing in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease and in Healthy Subjects.
Beker A, Pinchas A, Erel J, Abboud S.
PACE, 19: 2040-2050, 1996 

*  *  *
High frequency ECG analysis of the entire QRS in the diagnosis and assessment of coronary artery disease. 
Abboud S.
Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases, Vol: XXXV(5): 311-328, 1993
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Simulation of high resolution QRS complex using a ventricular model with a fractal conduction system – effects of ischemia on high frequency QRS potentials.
Abboud S, Berenfeld O, Sadeh D.
Circulation Research, 68(6): 1751-1760, 1991

*  *  *
Analysis of high frequency QRS potentials during exercise test.
Beker A, Abboud S.
Proceedings of IEEE Computers in Cardiology 33-35, 1991 
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*  *  *
Fourier transform versus bidirectional digital filters for late potentials recordings of the ECG.  
Abboud S and Strasberg B.
Journal of Biomedical Engineering, 13: 133-138, 1991

 *  *  *
Late potentials recording with a precordial signal averaged electrocardiogram in 53 consecutive patients with a first acute myocardial infarction: Incidence and early natural history.
Strasberg B, Abboud S, Kusniec J, Sclarovsky S, Agmon J.
Clinical Cardiology, 13: 699-702, 1990 

*  *  *
A spectral analysis of the high frequency QRS potentials during acute myocardial ischemia in dogs.
Abboud S, Cohen RJ, Sadeh D.
International Journal of Cardiology, 26: 285-290, 1990 

*  *  *
An improved detection algorithm in fetal electrocardiography. 
Abboud S, Beker A.
Journal of Electrocardiography, 22: 238-242, 1989 

*  *  *
High frequency ECG of three orthogonal leads in dogs during a coronary artery occlusion. 
Abboud S, Smith JM, Shargorodsky B, Laniado S, Sadeh D, Cohen RJ.
PACE, 12: 574-581, 1989

*  *  *
Frequency content of the QRS notching in the high fidelity canine ECG.  
Mor-Avi V, Abboud S, Akselrod S.
Comp. Biomed. Res. 22: 18-25, 1989

*  *  *
Subtle alterations in the high frequency QRS potentials during myocardial ischemia in dogs.  
Abboud S.
Comp. Biomed. Res. 20: 384-395, 1987

*  *  *
Detection of transient myocardial ischemia by computer analysis of standard and signal averaged high frequency ECG in patients undergoing percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty. 
Abboud S, Cohen RJ, Selwyn A, Ganz P, Sadeh D, Friedman PL.
Circulation, 76(3): 585-596, 1987 

*  *  *
Effects of coronary occlusion on the high frequency content of epicardial and body surface ECG waveforms.  
Mor-Avi V, Shargorodsky B, Abboud S, Laniado S, Akselrod S.
Circulation, 76(1): 237-243, 1987

*  *  *
High frequency ECG using an advanced method of signal averaging for non invasive detection of CAD in patients with normal conventional ECG. 
Abboud S, Belhassen B, Miller H, Sadeh D, Laniado S.
Journal of Electrocardiology, 9(4): 371-380, 1986

Chapters in books:

Dynamic beat to beat QT-RR relationship during exercise and recovery phases of cycle ergometer test.  
Abboud S, Radai M, Govreen-Segal D, Golstein A, and Strasberg S.
In “EUROPACE ’97”, Pages 145-149, by Monduzzi Editore, Italy, Editor: Panos E Vardas, 1997 

The Signal Averaged ECG in Detecting Coronary Artery Disease.
Abboud. S
In “Signal Averaged Electrocardiography – Concepts, Methods, and Applications”, Pages 485-517, textbook by Kluwer Academic Publishers, Editor: Anthony J Gomes, 1993

Effects of ischemic on high-frequency QRS potentials.
Abboud S
In “High Resolution Electrocardiography” Section III, Chapter 14: 229-337 by Futura publishing Company, Editors: Nabil El-Sherif and Gioia Turitto, 1992  

Detection of His bundle potentials in the Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome.
Abboud S, Belhassen B
In “High Resolution Electrocardiography” Section I, Chapter 6: 129-146, by Futura Publishing Company. Editors: Nabil El-Sherif and Gioia Turitto, 1992


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