HyperQ Analyzer Stress

The HyperQ Analyzer Stress is a special software module designed to work with SCHILLER’s CS200 Excellence and CS200 Touch ECG systems. This seamlessly integrated enhancement will transform any ordinary stress test performed with the SCHILLER systems into a highly accurate procedure with all of the advantages the HyperQ brings, simply by clicking a button. The HyperQ Analyzer Stress is available as an optional module for existing or new SCHILLER customers. Current users can very quickly and easily update their CS200 Excellence or Touch systems to include this module which can also be used to analyze past test results and see how the system could have helped in those cases.

During normal clinical use, the stress lab would continue to perform the tests in their preferred fashion. There’s no need to modify any protocols or change the routine procedures, but it is important to have at least 2.5 minutes of resting ECG before the exercise itself begins. This usually does not cause any delays as ordinarily this time slot is used to complete the paperwork, explain the procedure to the patient and so on. Once the test is over, the user can analyze the results in the same manner as before, but now there would also be a “Show in HyperQ”  showinhyperq button that will display much more accurate data about the patient’s condition.


User Manuals: versions 1.3.x, versions 1.4.x, versions 1.5.0 – 1.5.1, version 1.5.2, version 1.6.1version 1.6.2