BSP’s HyperQ™ technology can be integrated into a wide range of medical systems – first and foremost, ECG devices. There are also a range of applications which can be greatly enhanced by employing HyperQ including home telemonitoring, bedside and Holter monitoring and implantable cardiac devices. Embedding the HyperQ Technology in such OEM products offers unparalleled detection of Ischemic Heart Disease.

The HyperQ™ Analyzer Stress and Analyzer Rest OEM products are highly-portable, small-footprint set of software components, with a simple well-defined application programming interface (API). The HyperQ OEM products enable any ECG data acquisition system to enhance its diagnostic capabilities by incorporating HyperQ analysis.

SCHILLER AG, a leading international manufacturer and supplier of cardiopulmonary diagnostics, has successfully integrated both BSP’s HyperQ™ Analyzer products in the CS-200 Excellence and the CS-200 Touch systems.