BSP Ltd. is an Israeli company founded in 2000 by Dr. Amir Beker, graduate of the Israeli IDF “Talpiot” program and a researcher in the field of bio-medical signal analysis in academia and industry. BSP grouped experts in the fields of signal-processing, bio-medical engineering and cardiology, to develop a unique technology which enables sophisticated non-invasive analysis of the cardiac signal and offers monitoring and diagnosis of unmatched quality for ischemic heart disease. BSP implements its technology in cardiac systems that offer low-cost, risk free cardiac monitoring for broad populations and allows, for the first time, an effective screening test for ischemic heart diseases.

BSP is a wholly owned subsidiary of ICB Biotechnology Investments Ltd. which is publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.
HyperQ systems are routinely operated in cardiology centers in Israel, US, Europe and SE Asia, and thousands of patients are being examined with the systems every year in controlled clinical studies, clinical pilot programs and in routine operation.
HyperQ System, BSP’s first product, received FDA clearance (510K) and CE mark.