HyperQ™ EX-300

The HyperQ™ EX-300 is a high quality 12 lead stress ECG system with advanced ECG filtering, accurate automatic ST level measurements and unique capacity to analyze high frequency components of the ECG signal, thus significantly improving the clinical value of the stress test.
Key Features:

  • Unique online HyperQ™ analysis providing improved index of ischemia
  • Automatic resting ECG interpretation
  • Continuous online ST analysis
  • Arrhythmia detection
  • Average ECG display
  • Comprehensive reports of test results


  • High quality 12 lead stress ECG
  • Advanced ECG filters enhancing signal-to-noise ratio
  • Real-time verification of electrode connection
  • High resolution (< 0.5 µV LSB), sampling rate 1000Hz
  • Defibrillation protection

User Interface

  • Intuitive, user friendly operation
  • Color indication of significant events during the test period
  • Inclusive display of stress test parameters
  • High quality printing; thermal or color laser optional

Data Management

  • Extensive storage capacity
  • Advanced patient record capabilities
  • Data storage and export – PDF and HL7 compatible

External Interface

  • Supports multiple treadmill models
  • Supports automatic BP measurement devices


  • US FDA clearance (510k)
  • European CE marking


Sample Reports