BSP Medical Ltd.

BSP is dedicated to providing novel, non-invasive and highly reliable solutions for the diagnosis and monitoring of Ischemic Heart Disease.

Using proprietary signal processing technology,  BSP’s products perform analysis of the high-frequency QRS components for more sensitive and accurate results than conventional stress testing and recently, also for resting ECG tests. The short video below describes this exciting technology.

Integration of BSP’s innovative technology into top-of-the-line stress ECG systems enables a unique solution providing superior diagnostic accuracy, while utilizing conventional stress testing protocols.

What’s New
BSP is splitting into two companies: ICB which will be a public investments company and BSP Medical which will continue with HyperQ and the ECG business
BSP announces a $3M investment from China-Israel Biological Technology
BSP appoints three new directors: Qingxi Huang, Andrew Zhang and Eitan Segal
BSP presented two new HyperQ Stress studies at Computing in Cardiology 2017 in Rennes, France
New HyperQ Stress study of 873 patients in Basel University Hospital was presented at ESC 2017 Barcelona - accuracy was similar to previous studies and investigators concluded that HyperQ adds independent diagnostic accuracy
Retrospective analysis of more than 3000 patients demonstrates superior performance of HyperQ Stress
BSP selected to present at the E!nnoVest Venture Forum in Barcelona
HyperQ Registry study to be presented at the upcoming ACC meeting - March 18, 2017, Washington DC
First HyperQ Rest study to be published in Journal of Electrocardiology
Eurostars approves new project with Roche, Schiller and other Swiss partners. The goal is integrating HyperQ Stress with other modalities to accurately diagnose myocardial ischemia.
The potential benefits of implantable HyperQ to be presented in the upcoming STAFF meeting (October 6th, Bled, Slovenia)
Phase 1 of HyperQTotal was successfully completed
Phase 1 of HyperQTotal, a Horizon 2020 project is granted
A second patent regarding the implantable technology receives notice of allowance from the USPTO
Notice of allowance from the USPTO for the first patent concerning BSP's implantable technology
Another signal processing patent is allowed by the European Patent Office